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Mounted Insects and Special Sets and Groupings

This section will present special items for the collector to purchase that are already mounted, complete with data labels, ready to place in the cabinet drawers or display mounts of your choice. We will also offer interesting small collections or sets of specimens which may be either mounted or unmounted but usually in a very limited quantity. In purchasing mounted specimens you will notice that the prices will tend to be a little higher than if you were buying un-mounted specimens. This is due to the labour costs and time involved. Some specimens will be presented enclosed in Riker Mounts which can be used as your display frames or you can remove the specimen and add your own pin very easily and place in your own cases. Mounted specimens will be shipped double boxed to minimize postal shock. Postage rates will be determined by the individual order and added to the invoice at the time of dispatch. These will vary according to the size and current postal rates. Thorne's Insect Shoppe also offers a custom mounting service and inquiries should be made by e-mail. There will be a cost per specimen mounted charged. Please remember it takes time to re-hydrate and do a good job on mounting and also for the specimens to be dried. Please inquire on the time it would take if you are interested in having this service. It will depend on the availability of material and time allotment.

Happy Collecting.

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