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  Family Name Locality Quality Size Range Sex Price  
Fulgoridae Cathedra serrata Peru A1 10.0 cm M $17.50 Purchase

Other Families Euphaea refulgens? Damselfly species (Negros, Philippines) Philippines A1 6.0 cm ? $2.25 Purchase

Cicada Gaena festiva (White) Malaysia A1 7-8.0 cm ? $3.75 Purchase

Other Families Neurobasis kaupe (Damselfly) Negros Is A1 8.0 cm ? $3.00 Purchase

Fulgoridae Penthicodes farrinosa tullia Sulawesi A1 OUT OF STOCK 5.5 cm M $0.00 Purchase

Cicada Tosena melanoptera Malaysia A1 8-9 cm ? $3.75 Purchase

Cicada Trengganua sybylla Malaysia A1 10-11.0 cm ? $3.75 Purchase

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